We Care

The core of what RedDot Brands stands for is built around five universal business needs:


Improving your brand and message is the foundation of RedDot Brands. We help your company's image in a number of ways by offering high-quality products that get noticed. RedDot premium through air dried (TAD) white roll towels are luxurious, absorbent hand towels for use in any facility that wants to provide a best-in-class hand drying experience. We only offer quality 2-ply toilet tissues and our foaming skin care items provide a quality of fragrance-free foam for a great washing experience that won't affect those with allergies. Dispensing systems customarily take-up a fair size of valuable space on the walls of your business and we can help you put that space to better use.

Front of the House and Externally with Customers - Showcase your branding or share the message that your business wants to convey. What's core to your business? What value propositions do you have? Our dispensers give you the ability to tell your story.

Back of the House and Internally with Employees - Is there a message you want to tell to your team? Wash your hands before returning to work? Smile when interacting with customers? We all know how important it is to reinforce messaging with your team members and now you can do it with the use of the dispensers on the wall.

Health & Hygiene

Restroom and foodservice areas are two key areas where germs can be harbored and transmitted. Our dispensers are designed to reduce the chance for cross-contamination.

The RedDot roll towel dispensers are No Touch. No levers to pull, no buttons to push - just tear off the towel and dry your hands.

The RedDot Foaming Skin Care Dispenser is just that - hands free. Place your hand under the dispenser and get soap without touching a dispenser.

The RedDot toilet tissue dispensers fully cover their rolls to limit an ability to touch the rolls and spread germs accordingly.


We recognize the challenges of running a business and we want to make your life easier. RedDot offers systems and products to maximize worker productivity while limiting costs. Our foaming skin care products offer a great lather of foam yet reduce costs by 30% versus traditional liquid soaps. Our large 1000 ml bags reduce chance for user run-out and limits the need for maintenance and frequent change-outs.

Our roll towels are high capacity - we put as much on the roll as possible: 1000 feet. Providing large paper rolls means less chance of user run-out and less maintenance by your staff.

The RedDot toilet tissue put-ups also bring the same type of value that you need to optimize your employee productivity. Two large rolls insure no user run-out and less employee maintenance. Our mini core toilet tissue offers the same values but with a much smaller footprint on your wall.


We care about our planet - so do you and your customers! Our products are certified with that care in mind and are designed to limit waste.

We're proud that our paper towels and toilet tissues are all compostable and several are Green Seal™ Certified. Green Seal is the most highly recognized certification for products that have less of an impact on the environment. Our Green Seal certified natural and white roll towel are made from 100% recovered material with 50% being post-consumer material and our Green Seal certified junior jumbo toilet tissue is made from 100% recovered material with 25% being post-consumer.

We're also proud that our skin care products are pending approval under the Safer Choice Label as denoted by the EPA. This standard was formerly known as the DFE Standard for Safer Products and denotes that our ingredients and packaging are approved as limiting risk to users and pollution in the environment.


The prior noted qualities of RedDot Brands are very important, but we are also proud to offer the lowest cost of use with our products.

RedDot products are obtained from the best costing sources in the United States. We continually meet with potential supply sources and weigh all options accordingly to provide the best value to our customers.

Our dispensing systems are made to deliver optimal productivity, ensuring user satisfaction while reducing costs and waste. Our aim is to bring you controlled usage with the best possible performance.