Roll Towel Dispensing

Video/Audio Roll Towel Dispensers

RedDot Brands makes it easy to get your message out with our integrated 7" LCD screens. Use the screen to reinforce messaging with internal staff, promote special offers, or sell advertising space to generate revenue.

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Automated Hands-Free Roll Towel Dispenser

RedDot automated roll towel dispensers are a great fit for those who want to offer a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution to their employees and customers. This feature-rich dispenser controls customer usage and can lower costs by up to 30% versus folded towels.

  • High-capacity, 1000' towel rolls ensure less maintenance, fewer customer outages and significant waste reduction.

  • This dispenser features a number of settings for flexible operator control. Choose your desired sheet length, dispense delay and sensor activation proximity. There is also a "hang" setting to allow a towel to hang from the dispenser at all times so it is ready for the next use.

  • Four "D" cell batteries run the dispenser an average of one year in most high-volume settings.

  • The dispenser's sleek, high-tech design can be customized to hold your logo, an organizational message, or both. It's a perfect fit for those that want a more contemporary look in their restroom or foodservice setting.

  • RedDot Automated Hands-Free roll towel dispensers are compatible with all RedDot family roll towels. Choose from natural brown, bleached white or through air dried (TAD) white.

Mechanical Hands-Free Roll Towel Dispenser

The RedDot mechanical roll towel dispenser is the perfect answer for those currently using folded towels. Regulated sheet sizes of 9" controls customer usage and can lower costs up to 30% versus folded towels.

  • This high-capacity roll towel dispenser holds 1000' roll towels, resulting in fewer maintenance change outs, reduced customer outages and less waste.

  • Pull down with both hands without touching a lever, crank, or button thereby eliminating any chance for cross-contamination.

  • There is no need for batteries with this dispenser, making it perfect for K-12 schools and other settings where labor is a challenge and automated dispensers aren't necessary.

  • This manual dispenser holds the design theme of the other RedDot dispensers for skin care and toilet tissue and can be customized to hold your business logo and organizational message.

  • RedDot Mechanical Hands-Free roll towel dispensers work with all three RedDot family roll towels in your choice of natural brown, bleached white or through air dried (TAD) white.