Roll Towel Dispensing with
LCD Video & Audio

Automated dispensers changed the world. The next game changing experience starts with RedDot Brands audio/video dispensers. Our proprietary, patent-pending technology adds new branding and revenue generating capabilities for you and your customers.

Video Can Be Used in So Many Ways


Revenue: Run a paid, manufacturer-provided video for a hot new product that is now available.

Internal: Reminders to staff about upcoming store promotions and discount days.

External: Communicate special deals to customers, advertise upcoming sales.

Office Buildings

Revenue: Charge an advertising fee to run a tentant promotion with a nearby business.

Internal: Notification of building maintenance, emergency systems testing, etc.

External: Tell patrons about an upcoming charity drive and encourage them to participate.


Revenue: Paid placements for local stores, restaurants, and events on or near campus.

Internal: Inform staff members of an upcoming parent/teacher night or meeting.

External: Promote student performances, sports events, and fundraisers.


Revenue: Sell ad space to a local sports arena to advertise upcoming events. Advertise specials.

Internal: Inform employees about an upcoming health inspection, reinforce safety rules.

External: Inform customers of holiday closures, display weekly specials for repeat business.


Revenue: Sell ad space to a nearby spa to encourage guests to use their services.

Internal: Remind staff about an upcoming promotion so they remember to tell guests.

External: A "Pardon our Dust" message to inform guests of construction/service closures.


Revenue: Sell advertising space to pharmaceutical companies to promote new prescription drugs.

Internal: Display a calendar of upcoming staff meetings.

External: Announce new service opening, encourage participation in upcoming blood drive.


Revenue: Sell ad placements or co-op dispensers with national brands and service providers.

Internal: Reinforce staff policy changes and keep them top-of-mind with employees.

External: Promote upcoming events, discounts for season ticket holders, special promo nights.


Revenue: Run paid advertising spots for food and beverage brands being sold within the casino.

Internal: Notification of an employee 401k meeting, safety reminders, announcements.

External: Advertise shows and special offers available within the casino.

Houses of Worship

Revenue: Encourage parishioners to donate to help support a new expansion project.

Internal: Solicit volunteers for a fundraiser.

External: Communicate schedules for holiday masses, study groups, etc.

Content Updates Are Easy

Update your content quickly and easily with a thumb drive or direct PC connection. It only takes a few steps to get your videos up and running!

- Load video file and .bin file onto flash drive
- Plug flash drive into LCD screen while on
- Wait for file to copy
- Remove flash drive
- New video begins playing automatically

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Data Proves Restroom Advertising Works

Restroom advertising is a cost-effective way to target product and service messaging towards a specific demographic. It is becoming increasingly popular in locations such as restaurants, clubs, arenas, and other venues where there is a high volume of foot traffic.

The Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) notes the following statistics:

Not only do indoor ads get noticed and read, they are also very effective at driving young urban consumers to take action in a very short amount of time (within 3 months). In fact, indoor advertising is an excellent medium to drive consumers to visit a website or a store, as well as incite them to purchase or seek more information about a brand.

One of the reasons indoor advertising is so successful at driving young urban consumers to take action is that this type of medium is extremely well perceived by this segment. A recent study conducted in bars shows that 18-34 year olds think indoor ads are innovative and cool. They also agree that this type of advertising is likely to catch their attention and motivates them to read or look at the ad.

Indoor advertising is the perfect complement to any traditional media campaign targeting young urban adults. Not only does it extend the reach of a campaign, it also creates synergy when it comes to purchase intents towards the brand.

A study conducted by Ipsos-ASI for a major U.S. brewer showed that investing only 2% of their TV media buy in indoor advertising lead to a 15% increase in the reach of the total advertising campaign among the primary target group.

Moreover, those who were exposed to both TV and indoor advertising were significantly more likely to try the brand in the next 4 weeks (17% vs. 8% for TV only).


- Video Length Recommendation: 15-60 seconds
- Internal Memory: 108MB
- Resolution: 800x400
- File Type: AVI with XviD codec
- Audio codec: MP3
- Delay: 5 seconds between sensor activations
- Video can be motion-activated or continuously played
- Power: Battery-free via AC adapter or hard wiring

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