Travelers are offered a multitude of choices for convenience and comfort while away from home. RedDot Brands brings you the dispensers, products and functionality to help set your property apart from others and leave a lasting impression with your patrons.

Get Noticed

Stand out from the crowd by bringing unique branding and messaging to the dispensers that are seen throughout your facility. Whether you need a value choice or our high-end white, absorbent through-air dried towels, we have the products necessary to differentiate your property and your brand from the competition.

Convenient Sanitation

RedDot Brands keeps health and hygiene concerns top-of-mind with our offerings for the Lodging market. Our dispensers are designed to limit the opportunity for cross-contamination with hands-free dispensing options that are convenient and easy to use. Coupled with soaps and sanitizers, we can bring an added level of protection to your staff and guests.


We love our planet! So do you and your guests. More and more travelers are searching out properties that take a stand on sustainability. With our pending DfE certification on skincare items and Green Seal certification on towels and tissues, we will help you tell the sustainable story that your business stands for and wants to communicate.

The Right Tools

Managers in the Lodging market want to provide their staff with the tools they require to maintain their facilities safely and efficiently. Our dispensers are designed with the highest level of productivity in mind with controlled usage and high-capacity refills of 1000 ml bags of skincare items and larger rolls of paper towels and toilet tissues.

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