The education market has a unique set of needs at every level. RedDot Brands has the dispensers, products and solutions to meet the requirements of your higher-education, K-12, preschool, or specialty facility.

Brand Reinforcement

Colleges and universities constantly compete for students and faculty staff. Image and branding has become an important part of the recruiting process and RedDot Brands helps spread your message with customized dispensers for washroom and foodservice areas.

Healthier Learning

Limiting sick days is critical to student success in the K-12 market. RedDot Brands helps you reduce cross-contamination with our hands-free towel and skincare dispensing systems. Paired with our safe, non-alcohol hand sanitizer, you can significantly reduce the spread of illness in your school.

Waste Reduction

With the rising cost of education, facility managers have to do everything possible to control costs. RedDot Brands dispensing systems are designed to increase productivity while staying cost effective. Staff and students will still have a quality experience, but with less waste.

Environmentally Friendly

Growing awareness of our impact on the planet makes it extremely important to promote sustainability in your school. RedDot Brands offers Green Seal certified towels and tissues along with pending DfE approved skin care products to emphasize the importance of using products that won't harm the environment.

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