Commercial Buildings

The office building market has its own unique set of requirements whether it be for an urban high-rise or a small, rural office. RedDot Brands is prepared to serve all sizes of commercial office buildings with dispensing solutions and supplies to take care of the specific needs of you and your tenants.

A Healthy Environment

There will always be an opportunity for spreading germs in the workplace. RedDot Brands has dispensing solutions and products to help minimize that risk. We offer hands-free dispensers to minimize cross-contamination and scent-free foaming soap and sanitizer products to promote frequent hand washing, further minimizing the spread of pathogens.

Increased Productivity

Worker productivity is paramount in the commercial building market and RedDot Brands helps increase productivity with our high-capacity dispenser and supply options. Our 1000 ml bags of foaming skin care products and large-roll paper options require fewer maintenance visits and minimizes calls for dispenser outages from tenants.

Sustainable & Economical

Commercial office building managers have to balance tenant's expectations while controlling costs. RedDot Brands offers soft and absorbent through-air-dried (TAD) white roll towels, as well as value-priced options in both white and natural colors. Our Green Seal Certifications will also help managers tell their own unique sustainability story.

Solutions for Every Need

Tenants are offered many options in today's competitive office space market. RedDot Brands gives building owners the opportunity to customize washroom dispensers to their tenant's brands and messages. With solutions from RedDot Brands, they can now see their name on washroom dispensers to further promote their brand.

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