Who We Serve

RedDot Brands was created to help promote your brand and deliver your message in unique, innovative ways. Our designers bring the creativity and vision to tell your story, elevate your image, and differentiate you in the marketplace.


We're in business to make a difference for customers of all sizes and applications. No matter the market, everyone has a brand to portray and a story to tell. You can make your story easily accessible in the workplace and in public spaces where employees and customers wash and dry their hands. Often considered a commodity, dispensers are valuable pieces of real estate and we want to help you make an impact with them.


Everyone admires and appreciates the work of designers. They can see things in ways that many others can't and use this gift to bring intelligent, eye-catching designs to the world. We work with those who design new facilities in all markets whether it be a new hotel, restaurant, school, or office building. RedDot Brands brings virtually unlimited options for designers to take hand washing dispensing systems and turn them into works of art.


To best serve you, RedDot Brands only ships through distribution channels. These sales representatives are our feet on the street and they are well-versed with the RedDot story and what we can offer to you. They understand the level of importance behind each business need and stand behind our core values of providing you Cost, Health & Hygiene, Image, Productivity and Sustainability.