Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of commonly asked questions about our company and services.
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Does RedDot Brands make its own dispensers?
We do. We make them at the factories that we own in Suzhou, China and have been since 2007 for industry leaders.

Are the dispensers free?
The dispensers are provided for a nominal cost with a signed 3-year lease agreement that says that you will use our products for three years in the dispensers.

Will you install the dispensers?
We will consider installing on a case by case basis for any opportunity over 100 dispensers.

What makes your products hygienic?
We offer hands-free dispensers for towels, tissues and our skin care items.

How does this work ie. how does the dispenser customization process work?
We will send you one dispenser with your name or branding on it within one week after art approval without freight charges. This would be on our stock design product where we put your artwork in our predetermined template on our smoke gray dispensers.

If you need 500 or more of one kind of dispenser, we can create in a different color and custom format and send to you within 10 weeks after art approval.

If you want a totally new, custom look we have an estimated one-time mold cost of $10,000 per dispenser item and we can ship to you within 17 weeks after art approval. Dispensers with LCD screens and other unique options will require a custom quote. Other dispensers are virtually free with a signed 3-year lease agreement.

What if a dispenser breaks? Is there a warranty?
All dispensers have a 5-year warranty. If a dispenser breaks, please define the part needed with the information on our website, call us and we will gladly send you the parts needed or we will send a whole new dispenser if necessary.

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Sales and Delivery

How do I buy the products?
We offer our products through distribution. Let us know who you like to buy your paper and soap through. We can work with that distributor or others to bring you the products.

Where are you based?
We're based in Reedsburg, WI and ship nationally through our distributors.


How long have you been in business?
Hankscraft Inc., our parent company, has been in the manufacturing business for nearly 100 years and has produced dispensers for leading providers. RedDot Brands opened in 2015 offering custom dispensing systems and products stemming from this experience. Visit >>